Community Information

HVAC Inspection Requirements

Click here to view the HVAC Inspection and Maintenance Policy Resolution 2015-1.

Cable and Internet

If your technician needs access to the Utility Room, Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., please contact Cardinal Management Group at 703-569-5797. The access code will be given directly to your technician only. We require at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice prior to entry.

Trash and Recycling

American Disposal – 703-368-0500 or Toll Free 866-884-8700

Trash is collected every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Recycling is collected every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Bulk items are collected on Monday.

Trash is not collected on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day. Trash enclosures/dumpsters are located on the property. Garbage should be tied securely in plastic bags. 

Special Collection of Large Items: Residents may arrange a special collection of large or bulky items directly with the trash service. In addition, arrangements must be made in advance for large amounts of recycling, such as the many cardboard boxes used during a move. To determine the cost and arrange a special pickup, contact the trash disposal company directly.

Please click here to view important information from American Disposal Services. 

Architectural Control

Architectural control restrictions are designed to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the community and to protect property values. Residents may want to make modifications to the exterior of their homes architectural standard, insure these change will not affect the appearance of the community and property values.

Before making any changes in or around the exterior of your unit, written permission must be obtained from the Board.  Contact your property manager concerning procedures for obtaining an ARC Change Application.  Examples of variances include construction of decks or patios, changing or modifying doors or windows, window flower boxes, etc.

Club House Rental

To print out or review a copy of the Lake Sequoia Association (LSA) Club House Rental Application, click here.

In addition to the rules and regulations on the Club House Rental Application, the LSA Board discussed and has agreed to the following rules governing clubhouse rental:

  1. Renter must come to the Cardinal Management Group office to pick up the key.
  2. Renter must show a valid driver’s license to prove name and address. Only members of the LSA may rent the clubhouse.
  3. Renter can return the key by mail. The deposit will not be given back until the key is received by Cardinal Management Group. If the key is lost in the mail, the renter is responsible for the cost of replacement.

Parking and Vehicle Policies

Parking: Information regarding the Association’s parking regulations can be found by reviewing the Parking Rules and Regulations.

Parking and towing policies apply to real estate agents showing units at The Cove. If you have a unit listed for sale or rent to be shown by a real estate agent, please contact Pete’s Towing to make parking arrangements in advance by calling 703-533-3355.

Automobile Repair: Vehicles may be washed on Association property, however, only biodegradable soaps, in the minimum amount possible, may be used. Vehicle repair of any kind (especially oil filter change) is not permitted. 

Maintenance Request

If you need to contact management regarding a repair to common areas of your unit or the community,  please submit a work order from the resident portal or you may click on Contact Us to send a message to the management team. NOTE:  Please check the Bylaws to determine the guidelines regarding repairs that are the Association’s responsibility. 


The Association maintains insurance policies on the common elements, grounds, and condominium structures, including earthquake insurance, but does not include flood insurance. The individual unit owner is responsible for insuring personal property in his/her unit and elsewhere on the grounds. The insurance company of your choice can explain the insurance available to condominium unit owners such as HO-6 homeowners’ policy or “improvements and betterments coverage.” Unit owners are encouraged to seek independent recommendations from qualified brokers concerning insurance that they should maintain to protect their interests.

Insurance Agent for The Cove Condominium: The insurance agent is Georgetown Insurance, 10010 Colesville Rd Ste. A, Silver Spring, MD 20901, 301-681-9645. Your mortgage company may send you a notice requesting proof of Master Insurance coverage at year’s end, the renewal date of the insurance policy, the anniversary date of your mortgage, or when you are selling your home. You may also need this information for refinancing and other financial transactions. You can obtain this proof by requesting a Certificate of Insurance by calling the property insurance agent at 301-681-9645. Click Contact Us to request complete information concerning the coverage maintained by the Association or to report any damage to your unit.


Residents of the Cove Condominium can purchase membership in the Lake Sequoia Association each year.  This membership will entitle the residents of your household to the use of the Lake Sequoia swimming pool during the normal LSA Pool Season which starts Memorial Day weekend and ends on Labor Day.

The Pool Rules and Regulations, Pool Hours of Operation, and the Pool Registration Application will be posted seasonally under Resources and within the resident portal.

Grounds and Landscaping

Common Elements: Common elements are areas for use by all owners and residents. Be considerate and leave them in good condition. Do not leave trash behind the back fence or on the front porch. Do not leave cigarette butts, pet droppings, and other debris on the common elements. Residents using common elements for social gatherings and family parties are required to restore common element areas to their original condition, including removing temporary structures, and removing debris at the conclusion of the function.  

Limited Common Elements: The property owned in common with the other unit owners is called the “common elements.” Within this general category of property are the “limited common elements,” which are for the exclusive use of the owner and occupants of the unit to which the limited common element is appurtenant. The back yard for each unit is a limited common element.

Commercial Purposes: The common elements or limited common elements may not be used for commercial purposes.

Lawn Maintenance: The Association has a contract to care for the grounds, which are part of the common elements. The care of the limited common elements is the responsibility of the individual unit owner.

Snow and Ice Removal: The Association contracts for snow and ice removal from the main sidewalks, parking lots, and streets in The Cove.

Selling or Leasing a Unit

Selling a Unit: Under the Virginia Condominium Act, owners are required to provide certain information to the prospective purchaser of a condominium unit upon resale.   Cardinal Management Group uses an independent vendor to provide resale documents to homeowners.  Click Order Resale Documents above to visit the vendor’s website and order your disclosure package.

Leasing a Unit: Leasing a unit may increase your responsibilities as an owner. Any leased unit must contain a clause in the rental agreement or lease requiring the tenant to observe the rules and regulations of the Association. Responsibility for conforming to the governing documents, rules, and regulations lies ultimately with the unit owner, although the Association may also pursue enforcement action against the tenant.   The Association may require that the tenant fill out a Resident Form and provide the Association with a copy of their lease.